Afraid Of Seeing A Divorce Attorney


Divorce In Boulder: Fears And Questions

What Scares People About Divorce?

Boulder divorce attorney Sara Ross discusses the most common questions and fears people considering divorce might face. Who will take care of the kids? Will there be alimony involved? Some even face the fear of being single again, and restarting their lives, even if they feel divorce is the right decision. Attorney Ross sheds some light on the issue, and also talks about what she does to help her clients feel at ease.

You Need A Caring Divorce Attorney

Divorce can be scary. It requires an understanding, caring attorney that will look out for the divorcee’s best interests. Sara Ross is a divorce and family attorney in Colorado who can help. With vast experience in family law, she is ready to help you. Call 303-449-9960 for a consultation.

Sara Ross: “People’s biggest fear is the fear of the unknown. I think people find not only is the law overwhelming, understandably, but I think the fact that they’re looking at a change in the relationship with their children, the finances are going to change… That’s all really scary.

Through the process of the divorce, it’s designed to help a lot of the unknown become known, but there is a period of time when those things are being figured out that people go through a lot of anxiety as they face the reality that things are going to change. That’s one of the times when I think we come most in handy as being able to translate what the law is and reassure people that they will get beyond this.

This is not the rest of their lives. That they can have some power to work with their soon-to-be ex-spouse to create something that works for both of them.”