How To Talk About Prenups


Getting A Prenup In Boulder

How Should I Approach The Prenup Conversation?

Talking about a prenuptial agreement with your future spouse can be stressful. You might be afraid that your spouse will think this is a sign of mistrust, or a sign that you do not have faith in the strength of the relationship. But that does not have to be the case. Attorney Sara Ross discusses how to best approach your future spouse with this tricky subject. Being able to have this conversation, she believes, will make the relationship healthier, and strengthen communication.

Boulder Attorney Helping Draft Prenups

When considering a prenup, you need a caring, understanding attorney; one who will understand the nuances of prenups, and also understand how the conversation and process of drafting one can affect the couple. Boulder family law attorney Sara Ross is one such lawyer — she is a passionate, smart, driven professional who understands the needs of couples and families. Call attorney Ross at 303-449-9960 for a consultation.

Sara Ross: “I think that a good way to consider approaching your spouse is to just be really clear that you love them and you’re committed to the relationship, but this is a financial and legal relationship, and you just want to talk about what that means. Then, in order to really build the foundation for your marriage that’s strong and long lasting, you want to have this conversation. I think if you’re not comfortable bringing up these difficult conversations with your partner and you might want to consider why that is. Look deep inside yourself, talk to your friends and family. Think about why you’re struggling with that, how might you get over it because marriage is a really big deal. It’s a big commitment. Being able to talk about difficult issues is an important part of having a marriage succeed.”