What Is A Prenup?


Prenuptial Agreements In Boulder

What Is A Prenup?

When you get married, you expect to live “happily ever after”, and your love to last. Reality is, however, that divorces happen — and, if the couple does not plan ahead, it could get messy.

A prenuptial agreement is an agreement the engaged couple drafts together, with their attorneys, to set the ground rules for handling a divorce, should it happen. Prenuotial agreements help more easily settle matters such as:

A Prenup Attorney Needs To Look Out For You

When deciding on an attorney to represent you, and help you draft your prenuptial agreement, you need someone who will look out for your best interests. Boulder divorce and family attorney Sara Ross has the experience needed. She is a smart, dedicated, caring attorney, ready to help you.

Sara Ross: “A prenuptial agreement is a document that is agreed upon by two people who are about to get married. It helps them to decide, in the event that they don’t end up staying together, what’s that going to look like? The best prenup is the one that goes into a drawer and nobody ever looks at it, and nobody even knows that it was drafted until way after the folks have lived forever, and happily married and passed away.

During the process, we work with the lawyer on the other side to figure out some of the realities of the financial relationship between the parties, and what would happen, like I said, if they don’t end up staying together. During that process we talk about financial disclosures. We make sure each person understands the other person’s assets and debts and knows what they’re getting into. We talk about the possibilities, particularly of maintenance, which is the word we use in Colorado for alimony.

People can choose to waive that, they can choose to have a concrete lump sum or specific payments, really whatever works for our clients. I think that we actually find that when people have those discussions before they get married, it seems to really strengthen their relationship. The reality is that marriage is a financial and legal relationship, and it’s also based on love, and that’s important to respect and acknowledge.

Having the communications before you get married about what the finances are and how you’re going to handle them is pretty wise. We find that when that happens before people get married, then they have fewer troubles and miscommunications afterwards.”