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Divorce Attorney In Boulder, Colorado

Boulder Family Law Specialists

Ross Law Firm provides outstanding legal representation for individuals and families facing divorce, learning to co-parent after the end of a relationship, child custody, and trying to resolve post-divorce issues.

Family Law is unique in that it deals not only with life-changing financial circumstances, but also with human relationships.  Ross Law Firm champions its clients’ legal interests while keeping in mind the emotional component intrinsic in every family law case.

This dual focus helps us to resolve our cases more quickly, less expensively, and with the best outcome for our clients – both in terms of their finances and in terms of their lives as a whole.

Collaborative Law Reduces Emotional and Financial Trauma

Legal matters, particularly divorce and other family law related issues, can be a traumatic, not to mention expensive experience. Increasingly though, attorneys are turning to collaborative law models that take into account the personal nature of family law and work to find solutions resulting in the least amount of emotional and financial trauma.

Family law issues can result in an overwhelming and unpredictable roller coaster of emotions. Those dealing with family law problems are facing not only legal dilemmas, but are also often facing a crisis in an area of their personal life that is supposed to be a stable sanctuary: their marriage and/or their family.

The Human Element

The human element comes into play in several ways as a family law matter progresses. People’s fears, guilt, feelings of betrayal, and loss of trust can make it hard for them to work together. Often times the use of collaborative law can help conclude the case more quickly and with less money spent on attorney fees. Without the use of collaborative law efforts it’s not uncommon for parties to act and direct their attorneys based on emotion unmitigated by rationality, which can result in unnecessary damage to the parties’ relationship. Avoiding such damage is especially when people need to co-parent their children after they divorce.

Applying Collaborative Law Techniques to the Divorce Process

It is critical for parties to examine their motives and their thought processes at every turn, and it is crucial for divorce attorneys do their best to help their clients take a hard look at themselves and their behavior. In particular, divorce attorneys will serve their client well to remember that the opposing party is likely as vulnerable and hurt as the attorney’s own client, so every word or legal step taken can have unintended consequences.

Divorce attorneys in Colorado typically forward to their clients each piece of communication that concerns their case, so clients will usually see everything that opposing counsel writes. An innocently but poorly-chosen word or a casual but insensitive comment by one of the divorce lawyers can provoke a significant emotional response from one or both clients, and out-of-control emotions can prompt a client to spend substantial time and money fighting a losing battle or crusading for a cause that isn’t actually important in the bigger picture.

Finding Strength In Resolution

Family law is a strange universe where collaborative law can be especially valuable.   Often times in family law related matters, people’s intimate personal lives are opened for strangers to examine, and there is tremendous potential for long-term harm to be done to the parties’ relationships, not to mention the strain that heavy litigation can put on a family’s pocketbooks.

Working Together for Family Law Solutions

If the lawyers and the parties can work together, using collaborative law techniques, to navigate the proceeding with as little acrimony and wounding as possible, a family law matter can become less of a tragedy and more of a transformation.

If you are looking for a family law attorney or divorce attorney in Boulder that uses collaborative law techniques, contact Ross Law Firm for an initial consultation.