Client Stories & Testimonials

Respectful Of Client Time And Money

Sara is very professional and knowledgeable. She is caring in her attention to detail yet respectful of her client’s time and money. Her delightful personality made her very easy to work with and I would highly recommend her. L.Z.

Wisdom Beyond Her Years

Having chosen this law firm due to personal ties, I never read Sara’s website until recently. Now that my divorce has been finalized, I wish I had read her well-thought-out understanding and explanation of the issues confronting divorcing parties which now, in retrospect, clearly ran through all of my dealings with her. My experience with Sara reflected wisdom beyond her years. This is a woman who has a deep understanding of both legal procedure and the complexity of the emotional factors that unfold during such a stressful experience. K.G.

Empathy And Efficiency

Sara has empathy and efficiency – two things in combination I never expected in a lawyer. It felt that she was truly an advocate to what was best for me, while respecting my decisions once I made them. I also found her attention to detail reassuring. Thank you, Sara! M.W.

Excellent Lawyer And Advocate

Sara is an excellent lawyer and a strong advocate. I always felt she had my best interest at heart. It is difficult navigating divorce and I appreciated her guidance, compassion and professionalism. J.A.

Caring Attitude Toward Me And My Well-being

I am deeply grateful that Sara made the process less stressful and painful than it could have been. Her caring attitude toward me and my well-being around the subject matter and process was noted and appreciated. In addition, Sara followed through on everything either before she said she would or by the date she promised. That was very helpful in planning. I hope to not have to work with her in the future, but if I do, I will do so gladly! E.P.

Honest, Hardworking, And Dedicated

I worked with Sara several years ago when she was just starting out in Boulder. Sara is what all lawyers should strive to be, honest, caring, hardworking, and dedicated to those who come to her for help in the most devastating time in their lives. It was an honor and a privilege to work alongside this young woman and I would encourage anyone who is facing this trying time in their life to engage Sara in helping them down this path. S.M.

Thorough, Responsive, And Caring

I don’t wish divorce on anyone, but if you do end up having to go through it, I highly recommend hiring Sara. She is incredibly thorough, responsive, and caring, and definitely worth every penny. There is too much to deal with and keep track of during these kinds of processes, but Sara’s help and guidance made it much easier to manage, understand, and get through it. N.D.

Personable, Smart, And Amazing 

Going through a divorce was an extremely difficult experience for me. Having Sara as my lawyer made me feel that I was in the best hands possible and that through every step of the process she cared about me and what I was going through. Sara is extremely professional while also being very personable. She’s extremely smart and an amazing lawyer. I would highly recommend Sara. J.H.

Wonderful And Supportive

My experience with Sara was wonderful and supportive. I found her to be very trustworthy as she provided both precise attention to detail and structure to the whole process. She also brings amazing presence, kindness, and wisdom. Highly recommend working with her! G.M.

Compassionate And Understanding

From the moment I connected with Sara, I could tell she works from compassion while upholding the law and deeply understanding the path of divorce: all the variables, trials, and tribulations. I engaged her services to advise me on how to legally complete the process myself, she jumped in to assist only when I needed the intervention or advice. If you are researching family law practitioners, I would not hesitate to work with Sara… she is top-notch during a difficult time. J.J.