Can I take my divorce to court for a single unresolved issue? | Boulder CO divorce attorney


Collaborative law did not resolve all of our issues

Can I take my divorce to court for only one unresolved problem?

Sometimes, collaborative law might resolve most issues between spouses — but still leave one problem with no agreement reached. In this case, an experienced Boulder divorce attorney like Sara Ross can help you. It is very possible to keep the terms of your agreement, and only litigate for the one issue that you cannot agree on. Call Sara today for a consultation.

Sara Ross: “We’ve had cases where people are able to work out, for example, all of the parenting issues. They have a parenting plan in place, they know everything they’re going to do with their children, but they can’t agree who’s going to keep the house. They have a trial on that one issue. Instead of having a trial on all the issues—all the kids things, all the financial issues—they can isolate the one thing they really can’t agree on and take that to the judge. You can use the collaborative process for whatever issues you want to resolve. In general, it empowers people to take the law into their hands and work with their spouse to create a life that they can both live with instead of having a solution or something imposed upon them by the judge.”