Temporary Protection Orders

Colorado Temporary Protection Orders

How Do I File For A Temporary Protection Order In Boulder?

At Ross Law Firm, an experienced Boulder divorce attorney will help victims of domestic violence obtain temporary protection orders in a variety of different circumstances. If you are dealing with a controlling and abusive spouse or a jealous and threatening partner, Ross Law Firm will work with you to fight for the safety that you deserve and to which you are legally entitled.

Ex Parte

Temporary protection orders are obtained ex parte, which means that the alleged victim presents his or her case to a Judge without the alleged perpetrator’s knowledge or presence. If the Court believes that the victim is in danger of imminent harm that can only be prevented by issuance of a protection order, then the Judge will issue a temporary protection order that will last between 10 and 14 days. The Judge will also set a date for a permanent protection order hearing, which will coincide with the expiration of the temporary protection order.

Permanent Protection Order

Once a temporary protection order has been obtained, the victim must formally serve the alleged perpetrator with a copy of the temporary protection order. Both the victim and the perpetrator must then appear at the permanent protection order hearing, and the Court will consider both sides in determining whether to make the temporary protection order permanent.

Misuse in an Attempt to Manipulate the System

Ross Law Firm also works with clients whose spouse or domestic partner files domestic violence charges in an attempt to gain an advantage during a contested divorce or other proceeding. Unfortunately, this is becoming more and more common.

Falsely Accused

A person who is falsely accused of domestic violence by a spouse or partner can lose access to the family home, child custody, visitation, parenting time, or other parental rights. Falsely accused clients are often excluded from their homes, and must face additional, undeserved challenges while going through divorce proceedings until they can gather and present the necessary evidence to show the Court that the allegations were unjustly made.

At Ross Law Firm, we will work with you to minimize and/or repair the damage caused by false accusations of domestic violence. We understand that divorce itself is traumatic enough, without compounding the situation by adding a criminal case to the mix. We can work with the District Attorney to resolve your domestic violence case in as quick and advantageous a way as possible. We often retain the services of private investigation firms to help our clients bolster and strengthen their cases, and we will help you navigate this precarious and frightening situation.