Enforcing Family Law Orders

Enforcing Family Law Orders

Assistance with enforcements of existing family law orders in Boulder County, Colorado

Many parents depend on child support payments to provide their children the most comfortable and secure living situation possible following divorce or separation from the children’s other parent. People who do not have children also often rely heavily on payments from an ex-spouse – known in Colorado as maintenance – in order to make ends meet. All too often, the person with an obligation to make child support or maintenance payments fails to meet his or her child support or maintenance obligations, or inconsistently provides the support that the Court has ordered to be paid.

An experienced Boulder divorce attorney can help you take steps to obtain Court-ordered payments that have not been made. We also work with people whose ex-spouses have wrongly accused them of failing to make child support or maintenance payments.

After a divorce or separation decree has been entered by a family law court, other problems may arise, such as:

  • failure to exercise parenting time in accordance with Court-ordered parenting plans;
  • refusal to cooperate in making decisions in the best interests of the children;
  • withholding property from the other party;
  • refusing to sign documents necessary to transfer assets or property to the other party; and
  • other violations of stipulations, agreements, or court orders.

Take the necessary steps

If you are struggling with any of these issues, contact Ross Law Firm immediately to assist you in enforcing the Court’s orders and obtaining the support, property, assets, or rights to which you are entitled by law. Don’t sit idly by and allow a former spouse, partner, or family member to get away with failing to meet their legal obligations. If your Court Order has been violated, the violator can be held in contempt of court. Enforcement actions then can be taken against the violator, including garnishment of wages, seizure of bank accounts, revocation of driver’s licenses, and in some cases even arrest and jail time.

Foreign Decree Order

If you have obtained a Court Order in a different state, Ross Law Firm can help you enforce that Order here in Colorado. We have worked with many clients to register a foreign Decree or Order in Colorado, and we navigate that sometimes confusing process quickly and efficiently. We also have significant experience with interstate jurisdictional disputes. We can help you fight to move jurisdiction from another state to Colorado, or fight to keep jurisdiction here in Colorado when an ex-spouse or partner is trying to transfer jurisdiction elsewhere.

The dedicated and knowledgeable family law attorneys at Ross Law Firm can help you enforce any family Court Order. Contact Ross Law Firm today, because your legal rights and financial needs come first. We will diligently research all aspects of your case to ensure that you promptly get the support you and your family need. Regardless of the particulars of your situation, we approach every case with compassion and firm commitment to family law.