Parenting Plans

Parenting Plans Under Colorado Law

What are the benefits of parents working together on the parenting plan?

While the Court is always available to impose solutions when parents can’t agree, we believe that both parents and children are better served by parents working together – as much as that’s possible – to craft child custody agreements. In Colorado, we call the document that governs child-related issues a “Parenting Plan,” and we work hard to craft a Parenting Plan that both parents participate in creating. The best Parenting Plans come from parents who cooperate and make their children their first priority. Parents who work together to make their own Parenting Plan have a lot more control over the ultimate outcome than do parents who leave the Parenting Plan up to the Court, and they can create a detailed, custom-made Plan that is fair and flexible. If parents can’t agree on the details of a Parenting Plan, then the Court will draft its own Parenting Plan and everyone must follow whatever the rules and guidelines the Court has included in the Parenting Plan. All Parenting Plans – whether agreed upon by the parents or imposed by the Court – must be in the children’s best interests.

Working with an attorney on a parenting plan

When crafting a parenting plan, parents need caring, understand attorneys. A caring, understanding Boulder divorce attorney will work with both parents, looking out for what is best for the child, and help the parents draft an agreement that best helps everyone involved.