Grandparents’ Rights

Grandparents’ Rights In Colorado Divorces

As a grandparent, what are my rights regarding my grandchildren if the parents divorce?

Grandparents can be just as affected by a divorce as the parents. They also have rights regarding their involvement in the grandchildren’s lives.

Grandparent visitation rights

Colorado law has provisions that protect grandparents’ rights to have contact and spend time with their grandchildren. In those unfortunate situations where one or both parents refuse to allow grandparents access to their grandchildren, an experienced Boulder child custody attorney can assist in making sure that your grandchildren are not deprived of your company, friendship, and love.

It may seem surprising that a parent would deny their child the benefit of a relationship with the child’s grandparents. Families respond in all sorts of ways to disagreements and differences, though, and some parents will not allow a grandparent to see their grandchildren because of family disputes, political or religious differences, or for other reasons.

Child’s best interests

In some cases following a divorce, the parent who was granted sole decision-making authority for the child refuses to allow the grandparents of the other parent to see the child. These types of cases tend to be quite difficult because emotions often run high and mistrust can be rampant. Even so, these situations do not have to end badly. It is our hope, as lawyers in the family law system, that we can help families heal from whatever troubles they have suffered in the past, and work together to build relationships for the benefit of the children. If it simply is not possible for the adults in a child’s life to work together, then we help grandparents build a case to convince the Court that it is in the child’s best interests for the grandparents to have visitation rights, despite the parent’s beliefs to the contrary.

If you believe that your rights as a grandparent have been denied or violated, contact a Boulder County family law attorney right away. It is often necessary to retain the legal services of a qualified Colorado family lawyer to try and resolve early on what could otherwise become an uphill legal battle, and to fight that battle if necessary.

Allocation of parental responsibilities

At Ross Law Firm, we also assist grandparents in other family law matters. Perhaps you believe that your grandchildren’s parents are unfit to parent, or you otherwise need to assume a parenting role with your grandchildren. In these situations, we can assist you in an effort to obtain full custody (also called “allocation of parental responsibilities”) of your grandchildren, or for the adoption of the children.

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