Factors Taken into Consideration

Divorce Cases In Colorado

What Factors Will The Colorado Family Court Take Into Account?

  • Duration of the marriage
  • Age of both spouses
  • Standard of living during the marriage and how long it will take for both parties to resume that standard of living
  • Debts and liabilities of the parties
  • Emotional and physical health of both spouses
  • Prenuptial or marital agreements that address division of property
  • Contribution of income and property by each spouse before and during the marriage
  • Income and earning capacity of each spouse, determined by education, background, training, skills, experience, length of absence from the job market, parental responsibilities, etc.
  • Contribution of one spouse to the education, training or earning capacity of the other spouse
  • Deferment of career goals for a spouse to be a stay-at-home parent
  • Economic situation of each spouse when the property is fully divided
  • Tax consequences to each spouse of the proposed property division
  • Need for a custodial parent to occupy the marital residence
  • Need for a trust fund for medical or educational costs for a spouse or children
  • Other factors the Court deems relevant

A Boulder Divorce Attorney Can Help

Having a knowledgeable, skilled, caring Boulder divorce attorney can mean all the difference in making sure all of these factors are carefully looked at during your divorce. Call Sara Ross for a private consultation, and see how she can help you and your family.