“No Fault”

Colorado is a “no fault” divorce state

Colorado is a “no fault” divorce state, which means that the Court will not consider either spouse’s infidelity or other bad behavior as being legally relevant. If a couple’s marriage is irretrievably broken and their differences cannot be reconciled, that is a sufficient basis upon which to base a divorce. It is not necessary for either party to have engaged in any wrongdoing for the marriage to be dissolved.

Mediation In Colorado Divorce Cases

Often, divorce cases can be settled without the need for a trial. Particularly where there are no children involved, many cases do not require any significant appearances in Court before the husband and wife may be granted a divorce decree. Colorado law requires that parties participate in mediation at least 30 days prior to trial, and most of our cases settle either before or at mediation. It is possible – and desirable – to shape the parameters of your divorce through negotiation with your spouse at mediation, instead of leaving it up to a Judge. Working with an experienced Boulder divorce attorney could help you and your spouse settle on the terms of your separation easily and quickly.