Questions To Ask A Divorce Attorney


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What Should I Ask An Attorney Before Hiring Them?

Deciding which divorce and family attorney in Boulder to hire should be a decision that is carefully thought over. Potential clients should know what questions to ask, and how to best get to know the attorney in the initial consultation — this can make or break the decision to hire them, as well as set the course for the case.

You should be ready to ask your attorney about past cases, their results, and how familiar they are with the local family and divorce laws. These are important things to consider in your decision.

Divorce Attorney Answering Your Questions

Boulder divorce attorney Sara Ross is committed to service — she is a smart, caring family law attorney, ready to answer your questions . Call 303-449-9960 for a free consultation.

Sara Ross: “I would really want to know what an attorney’s priority is in getting me through the divorce case. I’d want to know how focused they were on winning and how focused they were on the various things that are important to me. I’d be curious about an attorney’s listening skills and about their communication style. I also want to know how well they know the other lawyers in town and how familiar they are with the judges.”